Laser Hazard

Laser Hazard is a 3D action puzzler which puts you in control of a powerful Laser that is used to recycle waste material into energy. Generate enough power to drive your elevator to the top and escape the fire raging below!


Minimum Spec:

3D card required (16MB), DirectX 7 or higher 500Mhz+ CPU, 64MB ram, Windows PC (98/W2K/XP).

NOTE: Laser Hazard is Freeware. please see Terms below.
If you like it please donate something to charity in return. Thanks.

  • Simple controls.
  • Amazing Particle effects.
  • The Pulse Laser!
  • Quick Save/Load options.
  • In-game help options.
  • CPU Demo mode.
  • Quality Sound effects and Music.
  • Environmentally friendly story and gameplay.
  • 640x480/800x600/1024x768 graphic resolutions, 16 or 32 bit colour.
  • Bright and Colourful 3D graphics (best viewed in 32bit colour).
  • 30 levels!
  • More Hazards!
  • 2 additional unlockableControl Options!
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